Who’s the Fool?: How to Patch a Leaky Roof

Attempting to repair a leaky roof while it rains, is as futile a task as sweeping a home with muddy shoes on. Here the roof is local government, the rain is rapid gentrification, the crack is capitalism and beneath all of this are residents of Little Haiti, fighting to keep up with the downpour. With Who's The Fool?: How To Patch A Leaky Roof we focus on one aspect of the gentrification machine in our community, the seemingly harmless umbrellas produced by the Miami Design District that are slowly encroaching on our neighborhood.

The creep of gentrification is a global issue, not at all unique to Miami or Little Haiti, but we’ve chosen to focus on this detail as it is something we confront on a day to day basis, constantly threatening our quality of life. Who’s The Fool?:How to Patch A Leaky Roof exists as a site specific public work, archived through photographs. The major imagery being red, blue and white umbrellas designed to mimic those of the Miami Design District. These new umbrellas will be placed on doorsteps in Little Haiti, beginning with our mail route and expanding until we’ve touched every home in our community.

Who's The Fool?: How To Patch A Leaky Roof is not just a commentary on this issue, it is a line in the sand or like placing a flag on the moon. Who's The Fool?: How To Patch A Leaky Roof is about eradicating Little Haiti of these parasitic marketing tools through a proclamation of the identity of our community and a monument to those who are fighting to keep it here. The Little Haiti umbrellas are a gift to households in our community and an invitation to our neighbors to join us in combating this much larger issue.

Who's The Fool?: How To Patch A Leaky Roof is a collaboration between Najja Moon and Michelle Lisa Polissaint,  visual artists living and working in Miami, Florida.

More on this project at HowToPatchALeakyRoof.Miami